From 2018 onwards we follow the system of UNANNOUNCED IFS AUDIT. The bar for our quality system has been again set higher. Nevertheless, we again succeeded in achieving the “Higher Level”. In addition to the IFS certification, our auto control system is also validated every year. For more details click here.


Lonki merges with Denderlux.


More and more clients switch their range of rabbit products to the Parc rabbit.


Thanks to the investment in an entirely new ERP suite, accurate tracking from the grower to the client is guaranteed.


The investment in green energy through the purchase of more than 1,000 solar panels appears to be a good decision.


To further improve the welfare of the slaughtered rabbits there are new provisions being worked out for the rabbit farmers. This is being done together with animal rights organisations and the rabbit industry. These provisions have led to the Parc rabbit, which appears to be a great success.


Lonki achieves its first IFS certificate and to date is certified with a higher level IFS


We are also aware of the benefits of rabbits being raised in an animal-friendly manner and with our rabbit farmers have launched the so-called welfare rabbit. Following this, the measures being taken still do not go far enough.


The next step in development is being taken by making new investments: the production and packaging area has doubled and a brand new deli department is being set-up. Furthermore, Lonki has also built a cold store for the storage of more than 2000 pallets. And the icing on the cake is that Lonki has won the gold Tavola with the pan-grill rabbit chops.


Lonki has also purchased an entirely new ERP suite that guarantees tracking. Labelling is fully automated.


Lonki’s full production is relocating to an entirely new building in Temse. Our animal slaughtering technology is advanced in terms of equipment and is also animal-friendly. In our cutting and processing department we have high-tech equipment and all our products can be offered in multiple versions.


Frank and Marjan de Boeck took over the family business and to this day manage Lonki.


Lonki was established in Londerzeel by Cyriel and Suzanne de Boeck and specialises in the slaughter and processing of rabbits. Soon they conquered the retail market in Belgium.