As a basic product, Lonki offers fresh rabbit in a number of different forms.

A selection of our fresh product range for retail, wholesaler, retail and manufacturer:

– whole rabbit or cut rabbit

– rabbit parts: backs, legs, backs, shoulders, fillets, chops, meat for processing…

– specialties either marinated, e.g.: marinated pan-chops (delicious on the BBQ) or our (boned), stuffed rabbit (roasts, stuffed legs…)

Thanks to the wide product range and the large flexibility in the field of packaging we can meet virtually any demand of the client.

More information: call us on +32 3 710 90 20


Lonki has a wide product range of deep-frozen rabbit products.

Thanks to the high quality, variety of packaging options and a customer-oriented approach, over the years Lonki has become a valued partner for several sales channels in deep-frozen rabbit (retail, catering companies, wholesalers, meat industry, traders…) with various products:

– whole and cut rabbit

– rabbit parts: legs, backs, forequarters, shoulders, chops

– rabbit meat: fillets, boned meat of shoulders and legs, belly meat

– rabbit livers

Thanks to the wide product range and the flexibility in the field of packaging, we can meet virtually any demand from clients. Customisation is also possible on request.

More information: call us on +32 3 710 90 20


Lonki offers consumers the option to consume rabbit ‘differently’, with convenience in mind.

To this effect, a selection of the best parts to cook, with or without sauce, bulk or individually packed, are offered.

Cook quickly in the microwave, on the BBQ, grill or in the pan.

We can offer you a range of options:

– braised rabbit legs cooked in its own gravy, packed in a (industrial) cooking bag

– cooked rabbit in several different delicious homemade sauces: small consumer packaging or large bowls for the deli departments and butchers

We’ll be happy to discuss the options with you!

More info: call us on +32 3 710 90 20

We also offer a selection of different products for the industry:

– carcasses

– heads

– organs (livers, hearts, lungs, kidneys)

– rabbit skins, ears and feet

All information can be obtained from Nancy van Bogaert: +32 3 710 90 27