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Innovation and creativity are very important to us. Thanks to our 35 years of experience in retail we can rapidly respond to the market. We are a trendsetter and a market leader in the commercialisation of rabbit products with high added value.

In 2011 Lonki decided to utilise its roofs to generate solar power. After installing more than 1,000 solar panels we succeeded in getting 10% of our daily energy consumption of green energy.

Together with our clients we always strive for the most consumer-friendly and environmentally friendly packaging. That’s why our packaging already consists of recycled cardboard and we work with flowpack-packaging, which significantly reduces the amount of household waste. We plan to go much further with this in the coming years.

We always try to manage our family business with respect and dedication to all employees. We try to convey these values to everyone and we can count on a strong team of 60 motivated employees, consisting of various nationalities. We aim to let them develop themselves through training and education within the company. Seniority within our company and hence the years of experience are our reward for that.

Lonki is famous for its relentless efforts with regard to food safety: our strict requirements at the slaughter, cutting and processing ensure an extremely hygienic product, delivered slaughter fresh to our outlets.

Lonki has its own quality service that, thanks to our optimal computerised tracking system, achieves the higher level IFS certificate for years. For some years now, we also are the only slaughterhouse with a FAVV validated automated checking system.

Partly thanks to a well-built ERP software package, our employees are able to directly connect the orders with the production studios and the shipment departments. In close cooperation with a network of couriers, we ensure very short delivery times.

Our responsiveness and our qualified personnel make Lonki an indispensable partner in the market of the « ultra fresh ».

Parc rabbit with guaranteed origin.

Lonki has a fixed core of rabbit farmers with whom we have built up solid relationships for decades.

More than half of the supplied rabbits come from an animal-friendly housing system, the so-called enriched parks. This growing system is regulated by law (KB 29 June 2014) and is now also guaranteed by certification.

Our rabbits do not only have significantly more space, they also have a whole package of other animal-friendly measures has been taken:

– gnawing material present

– additional roughage fodder: hay or straw

– the presence of a floor

– The bottom is made of plastic

– hiding places: tubes and jumping board

– no spatial limitation in height

– rabbits can lie down, hop around, sit straight up, jump and play


These rabbits are peaceful and healthy, which results in even better quality meat.

Exclusively fed with vegetables and natural raw materials

The animal feed suppliers ensure under contract no added animal fats, nor any suspicious or prohibited raw materials. Thanks to a closed checking system Lonki guarantees residue-free meat!


Moreover, rabbit is:

– the healthiest type of meat !

– extremely low in fat, cholesterol and calorie content !

– easily digestible and exceptionally tender !

– ideal for all cooking methods, even for the barbecue !

– … extremely delicious !

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Here you can find our IFS certificate